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We help your startup by providing tailored support, giving access to our technology and industry insights, and exposure to an international market.


Tailored Approach

We start by understanding what the startups need to grow and then work on a strategy together. Whether it be funding, piloting, or running tests with our farmers, everything is tailored to each startup.

Access to Technology and Data

Lely is one of the key industry players in the dairy market and has been around for decades. We have manufactured revolutionary technology and gathered insightful data.

International Network

Lely has an international reach and is active in 45 different countries across the globe. We also work with startups from outside of Europe, including North America and South East Asia.

Activities Hub

FTF Challenge 2021

The 2021 edition of the Feed the Future Challenge is here! Lely invites startups that are focused on finding innovative solutions for dairy farming to participate. The challenge comes with a program designed to support startups to cultivate and validate their ideas.

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May 16

Startup Showcase

Curious to see who Lely has been working with? Take a look at the profiles of these startups.


About Lely

The farming innovators

Innovation is part of Lely's DNA since its foundation in 1948. The family business started as a ‘studio for invention’ where the milking robot was developed, and is now recognized as the most important invention of the 20th century for dairy farmers. With its unique distribution network, Lely gives access to at least 70% of the professional dairy farmers around the globe providing them with all types of robots for feeding, milking and maintenance of stables.

Active Patents
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With sustaining a focus on the future of farming, Lely became the leader in robotics and farm management we know today. To remain as the leader they are now looking for new talent and a pool of ideas to discover new solutions that will revolutionise, innovate and address the needs of farming today and in the future!

We are here to support you!

Meet Zara - our Feed the Future program manager

She is here to help you with any requests on questions you may have about the current Feed the Future Challenge, or any upcoming collaborations and activities.

"Hi all! My name is Zara, I am in the lead from the Rockstart Partnership - a leading VC-Accelerator, and I am the main contact for all the startup and external innovation contacts for the Feed the Future program. So very happy to help you with any inquires you may have! Please contact me via email at"


You can get in contact through the contact form.
Feed the Future is part of Lely’s innovation initiative, where Feed the Future is the umbrella brand for all open innovative activities that connect Lely to new startups in the agri-tech industry. Their are activities such as the Feed the Future Challenge, and the Feed the Future Hackathon.
Feed the Future is about feeding the world with new technologies. It stands for feeding fresh ideas into tomorrow’s dairy farming industry, and providing with access to the sector. We want to feed the future of startups with potential investment and collaboration with Lely.
Rockstart is a VC accelerator who works with startups with the AgriFood, Energy and Emerging Tech industries. They give their startups access to expertise, funds, market, and community. Learn more about Rockstart.
Rockstart is a VC-accelerator that focuses on the AgriFood, Energy, and Emerging Tech industries, and helps various corporates with their innovation strategies that involves connecting the corporates (Lely) with startups and supporting in designing and running challenges such as the Feed the Future Challenge and the Hackathon. They are the main partner.
In order to work with Lely you can apply for the Feed the Future Challenge – applications will open mid-march 2021. If you are not interested in the Feed the Future Challenge you can get in contact through the contact form.
Feed the Future is the umbrella brand for all open innovation activities that Lely organises. The activities that are run are programs that connect Lely with the next startups. Activities such as the Feed the Future Challenge where they scout for new startups in the farming industry, where startups get the opportunity to collaborate with Lely and run a pilot.
Lely is looking for startups who have new solutions for the farming industry in the broadest way possible, for examples check out the showcased startups. Lely has worked with various startups, where their solutions or technology can be applied. We like to think outside the box and scout for startups that are for example also active in medtech, biotech or agtech. The stage is relatively early stage, where it can be pre-revenue however ready to do pilots.
The applications are expected to open mid March 2021.
There will not be another Hackathon till 2022.

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