Finalist Announcement

Meet the Feed the Future by Lely finalists that will revolutionise the dairy industry

Lely and Rockstart are excited to announce the top finalists for the 2019 edition of Feed the Future. Entrepreneurs from 25 different countries, who can apply their tech to the dairy farming process, applied to this initiative looking for a chance to collaborate with Lely, one of the most innovative companies in the world.

“There’s so much going on in the world, so much new technology coming out every day – we cannot do it all by ourselves. That’s why we really want to find the right startups and combine our creative energy with theirs so we can find new ingenious solutions for dairy farming together,” said Alexander van der Lely, CEO at Lely.

After receiving numerous applications and reviewing them thoroughly, we’re thrilled to announce the finalists who have been invited to The Netherlands to participate in the finals in late November. During these days, the startup will meet with Lely experts, receive coaching and workshops and get the opportunity to pitch for investment from Lely. The startups will not only meet the CEO, business leaders and experts at Lely, but will also meet with the Feed the Future supporters Nutreco, Nestlé, Huelsenberg Holding and VAS. 

The winner will receive €15.000 and the opportunity to receive strategic investment from Lely. The investment will enable the startups to grow by leveraging Lely’s extensive network as well as coaching by Lely’s experts. 

Meet the startups:

Cynomys (Italy)

Developed an IoT solution for monitoring environmental parameters and consumption rates in animal housings. It is a self-contained device that allows control of more than 30 parameters that affect animal welfare, environmental impact and farm consumptions.

LvLogics (Ireland)

Lvlogics provide accurate and reliable silo levels as a service to end users, distributors and manufacturers of animal feeds. The patented solution enables low cost sensors to be used in dusty environments and solves the issue of constant maintenance and unreliability due to dust and the aggressive environment of a silo. 

Metronome (U.K)

Metronome uses AI to manage cooling systems better. Through Metronome’s technology farmers can reduce their energy bills, use more renewables, and reduce your carbon impact.

Senorics (Germany)

Senorics technology measures the unique “optical fingerprint” of substances by detecting their specific absorption characteristics in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength range. NIR spectroscopy is already used for detecting water, fat, proteins and many more substances relevant in the dairy industry. With Senorics every farmer will be enabled to do such measurements at low cost with small devices either mobile or integrated into their machinery. 

FoodFul (United States)

FoodFul modernizes dairy herd management by installing IoT sensors in barns to monitor cow’s health and feed intake. The hardware is RFID scanners placed in feeding alley of free-stall barns to determine if a cow is eating or not. Machine learning algorithms are applied to the data collected to identify which cows are on the onset of sickness and which cows are most feed efficient.

Proteon Pharmaceuticals (Poland)

This solution is a veterinary medical device containing natural bacteriophages which selectively eliminate E.coli and S.aureus bacteria that cause most of the mastitis infection in dairy cows. Phages are natural organisms which are organic, and completely safe to any cells other than their bacterial host. By utilizing phages, Proteon will help prevent and/or eliminate mastitis infections.

Quanturi (Finland)

Quanturi is the leading expert in monitoring fermentable materials. Quanturi is providing a real-time and continuous analysis of roughage during storage. This gives the true composition of roughage at time of feeding the cows. The solution maintains the quality and quantity of milk produced and increase the efficiency and profitability of the feed strategy.

Wochman (Singapore)

Google Assistant for dairy farms, combines Behaviour Analytics and AI to provide dairy farmers with actionable insights. Using Behaviour and Predictive analysis, Wochman monitors health and well being of individual livestock.

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